We at Expriva.com care about you and your health. So, we want to also offer the best tips to improve your health and your quality of life. Eating right is part of a healthy life, and that becomes a challenge if you eat out every lunch. Our tip: take healthy options to work. If you do, you’ll be cutting off on salt, fat and unhealthy carbs.healthandnutrition

  • Start your routine slowly. If you have a tendency to eat out every day, ease into your new routine. Habits take time to stick. Try bringing your lunch just two days a week, then build up to more days as you get in the lunch-making groove.


  • Choose the right container. Be smart about keeping cold lunches cold and hot lunches hot with a good insulated bag that has enough room to fit a variety of foods and a container for carrying leftovers.


  • Stock up your kitchen. Pack your pantry and fridge with items you can throw together so you can make a balanced meal in minutes. Include some form of protein (lean meats, beans, eggs), a whole grain (bread, pita, wraps, leftover brown rice), a fruit, and a vegetable to keep you satisfied throughout the day.


  • Create lunches you know you’ll like. Come up with a regular rotation of nutrient-rich meals that will satisfy you beyond same-old PB&J — for example, hummus and cut-up veggies with whole wheat pita, vegetable soup with whole grain crackers, or a salad full of nuts, cheese, and leftover chicken paired with a low-fat dressing.


  • Don’t forget your fruits and veggies. Get your recommended servings by including raw mini carrots, celery sticks, a whole avocado, cherry tomatoes or cut-up peppers. Pack apples, pears, clementines and other fruits that are easy to pack and peel. Be savvy about snacks. Bring your own nutritious snacks, such as nuts, string cheese, dried fruit or hardboiled eggs. This will help you avoid a mid-afternoon slump and the temptation to reach for something unhealthy. Pack your snack in small, portion-controlled bags.

Do you need more tips on how to improve your health? Does your health plan offer a nutrition program? Give us a call and you´ll help you find one to suit your needs.