An Explanation of Benefits (commonly referred to as EOB) is a form or document that may be sent to you by your insurance company some time after you had a healthcare service that was paid by the insurance company.

An EOB typically describes:

  • the service performed—date of the service, description, name of the person or place that provided the service
  • the doctor’s fee, and what the insurer allows—the amount initially claimed by the doctor or hospital, minus any reductions applied by the insurer
  • the amount the patient is responsible for

Why is an EOB Important?Image result for what is an eob?

An EOB provides you with information on treatment or medical services you’ve received, what the provider has billed the insurence company, what the insurance company pays for those services and if you are responsible for any payments.

What do I do when I Receive my EOB?

If you receive an EOB from your insurance company, review it carefully and make sure you had received the services described. Also, make sure the date of service and medical provider are correct.

If any of the information on your EOB is not correct, call your insurance company and let them know.

What do I do if I Receive a Bill for Medical Services?

If you receive a bill from your doctor, lab or any medical provider, make sure you have an EOB from your insurance company. If not, call your insurer inmediately.

If you need help understanding your EOB, give us a call! We’ll be happy to help!